LOVE on the beach!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

After the city shoot, we headed to the beach!

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Donna said...

Mackenzie you out did yourself on every picture I have gotten to see. Grandmas Friend who never calls saw the pics and called her in minutes. I hope you know how talented you are. I cannot imagine how Kathleen forgot her Cap and Gown but she has it in Orlando... Make sure Kathleen leaves her hair in curlers (per Grandma not Me but I agree) and we would love to get a picture of Kathleen in her cap and gown with the CCM pink tassel Ryan will have to make one or get a white one and dip it in red food coloring and rinse... and Kathleen's famous pink bathing suit... and if she brought them her pink high heels and her pink ear rings.... if not tell her to buy some or rent them she is a size 8 or 81/2 sometimes a size 7 1/2.... That picture will be a riot!...

Thanks again for your awesome work... Love you

Donna Marie