Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last weekend I shot a wedding with the amazing girls at Limelight photography. The ceremony and reception were both held at this beautiful historic building in downtown Ybor, the Don Vincente inn. What a GREAT place for a wedding! The bride was so beautiful and the groom was too funny! He had me laughing the whole time we were doing the "getting ready" shots. But, it wasn't long before I had him laughing...you won't believe what happend to me, those who know me, know that I can be a "bit" klutzy sometimes, but NEVER before have I done this...ok, I won't keep the suspense any longer...I fell...no I take it back, I fell really EMBARRASSINGLY hard down the beautiful marble stairs, right after the ceremony. I don't know what I was thinking, I noticed the bride and groom were coming my way, so I thought I could make it to the bottom of the stairs before they got there, and as soon as I hit the fourth stair I slipped and fell, HARD. everybody gasped and I was so incredibly embarrassed. Thank goodness the bride and groom had a sense of humor about it ;-). Do not worry future brides, I do not make this a habit, I'm usually REALLY, REALLY careful ;-P well, everything was OK, except my ego and my bum. hahaha

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