Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I saw this article on my yahoo homepage today and thought I would share it with you!

Seven Lucky Wedding Gifts
Couples hope 7-7-07 nuptials will bring good luck, but why stop there?
from Deborah Hopewell, Yahoo! Shopping Editor

On Saturday, tens of thousands of superstitious couples, including actress Eva Longoria and San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker, will be tying the knot in what may go down as the most popular wedding date in U.S. history: 7-7-07. Apparently these starry-eyed couples figure that even if they are lucky in love, why pass up the chance for some extra insurance?

After all, the number seven carries a lot of significance: In Vegas, 7-7-7 is the highest slot-machine jackpot, and triple 7's add up to Black Jack. There's seven days in a week, seven musical notes on the scale, the Seven Wonders of the World, and the Seven Deadly Sins.

Theknot.com, a wedding planning site, says that on any given Saturday in July (the most popular moth for weddings), there are typically 12,000 weddings taking place. But on 7-7-07, that number has more than tripled - to 38,000. That could possibly make this the most popular wedding day ever.

It's been a windfall for wedding planners; others are bracing themselves. In California's Orange County, for instance, the clerk's office will open for seven hours on Saturday to perform wedding ceremonies every seven minutes. Clark County, home to Las Vegas and its 40 or so wedding chapels, expects to host 3,000 weddings that day - about 10 times the average.

Whether you'll be attending a wedding on this particularly auspicious date, or just want to give the happy couple something that might bring a little extra luck, we've chosen seven gifts that just might the difference between a future in Seventh Heaven, or that other, not-so-lucky seven: the Seven-Year Itch.

Lucky Tippler: For festive occasions, consider giving a set of European-designed shot glasses with a die on two sides, both of which add up to seven, of course. And for connoisseurs of the vine, don't forget the dice wine charms.

Make it Crystal Clear: Swarovski "Good Luck" magnets come in a set of four: a peridot crystal clover, a clear crystal horseshoe, a clear crystal heart and a red crystal ladybug.

Watch Love Grow: A thriving Dracaena ("lucky bamboo") symbolizes good fortune in many Asian countries. A "Lucky 7 Bamboo" arrangement from ftd.com comes with two spiraling stalks - could they be entwined lovers? - and five straight stalks in a red-glazed container, tied together with a lucky gold band.

Suitable for Framing: They say four-leaf clovers ensure wealth and good health. Red Envelope has taken a real four-leaf clover, set it in clear resin and placed that in a brushed, polished nickel standing frame.

Keep it Clean: The newlywed couple will be awash in good luck with a set of triple-milled soaps from Gianna Rose Atelier, available in four-leaf clovers or horseshoes.

Kitchen Aid: You can help the cook up memories of the special day for years to come when you give a cooking apron that proclaims "We Hit the Jackpot 777 On Our Wedding Day." Personalize it by adding the bride and groom's name.

Something's Burning: Light the way for luck with a set of 12 "Wishful Thinking" candles from Red Envelope. A dozen colored tins each hold a lightly scented ivory candle that contains a tiny treasure that reveals itself as it burns. The corresponding wishes include love, luck, wealth, health, wealth and success.

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