Thursday, September 13, 2007

The "disclaimer" in the middle of our tickets for the Dave Matthews concert indicated that the concert would go on "rain or shine". I wasn't a bit worried, seeing how last year I wore jeans and was dying of a heat stroke :). When we left for the concert it was bright and sunny out and I thought my little white sundress would be fitting. As we got closer to the amphitheater, we realized that the clouds above were not working in our favor. My first thought was " WOW, how cool would this be if it started raining in the middle of the concert." (we had lawn seats) Then I realized that the little white dress I was wearing was NOT a good idea and I started to panic. The driver of the car handed me a towel and said that I could just wrap this around my body and then no one could see through my dress. HA, the towel barely fit around my waist! lol As we walked, the rain poured harder, and harder and then...a torrential DOWN POUR! hahahaha. You should have seen everybody running for cover. John ran to the front, bought 2 ponchos and there we stood in the rain. ha. We still got wet, but at least my dress wasn't too bad, and there were some girls that were waaaaaaayyyyy worse off then me. We decided to head to our "seats" and the opening band playing was the wailers! So now, it was perfect! we were jamming out to reggae and in the middle of a lighting storm. It was so awesome! Every time the lighting would light up the sky and thunder would roll, the crowd would just cheer louder! People made a "slip n slide" on the downward hill and it was just crazy to see these people all muddy and having a great time, It was like a scene out of Woodstock. lol. Finally, the rain started to subside (a little, not much) and Dave came out to play. Oh, the sound of his voice live is euphoric! I've been a huge Dave fan since I was 14. I just love his music :) Needless to say, we had a really great time! I couldn't take my camera in due to the rain, so here are some pics of before the rain...and after! You can't really tell that John was wet, but man, we were soaked! Also, I'm posting a few pics from last years concert, they are the ones that don't have shores photography on them. The last two are from when we got a little lost in the parking lot and realized it was waaaaayyy to long of a walk back.... Love you all!

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