Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello Everyone!

We're looking for Highschool students who want to Trash the DRESS with us! Pull out that prom and homecoming dress from last year and let's get down and dirty!!! lol, actually, we don't even need to TRASH the dress, we could just have a super fun fashion photoshoot, that is urban and chic.

If anyone knows someone who might be interested, we're looking to do this soon, because wedding season is just around the corner, so now is the time :)

FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO or you can check out our website and blog for recent bridal trash sessions!

Also, we're looking for daring bridesmaids to bust out those gowns and get ready to trash them...flower girls are welcome too!

Thanks so much!


Kara Pennington Photography said...

I wish my bridesmaid dress wasn't in Alaska - I'd love to get trashed by you guys! :)

Rachel Brooke said...

this is a very smart idea! I'm looking forward to seeing these pictures. I already like this one you posted so much!

Shores Photography said...

and we would LOVE to trash you! lol

Thanks Rachel, we can't wait to share them, lol. I'm waiting for some daring gals! or guys, to trash a tux of course, lol.

Bold Imagery by Jason Connel said...

Awesome shot!!! The contrast between the dress and the alley really makes your subject pop!

Shores Photography said...

thanks jason, this is my favorite shots of the day, she's just so, well, carefree!