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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yesterday was such a blast! My cousin Charity married the man of her dreams and long time friend Eric Zollette! YAY!!! I was a bridesmaid and John was the bestman...whew the responsibilities of the bridal party. hahaha! Well, it was very strange being on the other side of the camera for a change. Kara, a good friend and wonderful photographer shot the wedding for us. We know the pictures are going to be great and we can't wait to show you some! Charity was so beautiful and her dress was GORGEOUS! I can't even describe it, you'll just have to wait and see. But, she looked better than Cinderella. I actually started to cry as she walked down the aisle, that's a first for me. It was kinda funny in some ways, because there wasn't anyone to cut the cake and serve it to people, so I had to fill in, hahhahaa, you should have seen the looks on peoples faces as I tried my hardest to cut this huge cake! lol, they weren't exactly getting the most perfectly shaped pieces like you normally would at a wedding, I was just kinda slopping it on there (but it wasn't on purpose, lol)...and the Reverend/Bestman filled in as Master of Ceremonies, announcing everything we were doing, hahaha. It was too much fun! Definitely a time to be had by all. Check back soon, I hope to have a few pictures up for you that my father took at the wedding. :) Now I'm off to another Bridal Shower! I'm a bridesmaid in my Brother-in-laws wedding!


Guinness said...

i want to see photos asap!! So sad i couldn't make it down for the wedding. I bet she looked amazing!!!! Now show me!!!!!!!!! hehe love you!

Anonymous said...

ps I don't know why the identity came out Guinness... but I am sure he would love to see some photos of the bride as well (that dirty dog)
heh ;) love you!