Practice, Practice, Practice

Thursday, December 6, 2007

When I was in Middle school and High school, I played the violin. I loved it and played my heart out every night. I even joined the Pinellas Youth Symphony and was working my way to Carnegie hall (or so I hoped), just like my Aunt Kris. But, High School set in and I no longer thought it was "cool" to play. What a loser I was for giving up on my dream. Now, I dream of a time that I can play again. My mom misses it too, so much so, that she enrolled my two youngest sisters in a violin club. lol, I guess I better start playing again soon, because poor Harleigh does not look happy, lol. Last night, John and I joined my parents to Harleigh and Olivia's first violin concert. Livi seems to LOVE it, but, as you can tell from the picture of Harleigh, she is about over it, lol.
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Rachel Brooke said...

Awww, I love the violin. I like the expression you captured in the second picture! And the first one's kinda funny...doesn't look so excited to have that instrument attached to her!

Shores Photography said...

hahaha, thank you, it was so funny to watch her, she kept making that face,lol.

aly said...

olivia is so perfect.