I Googled Myself.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ha! I had a spare moment today, and curiosity got the best of me. So, I googled myself to see what came up. Of course our main website and my myspace came up, and a few other ads we're involved in and a few blogs we have written on. But, then I typed in Shores Photography and hit images, and one of our photos popped up. It is the design for for our Perfect Wedding Guide Ad. Only, it wasn't on the PWG site, it was on someone Else's blog...hmmmmm....I was excited of course! It turns out that the person who created our ad, loved our work and wanted to chat about it. How awesome is that?!? So, I'm giving thanks to him by giving him a big shout out on our blog, because the ad just rocked! :) His name is Patrick and you really should check out his work in Graphic Design. Here is the link to his biz and the link to where he talks about US!


Rachel Brooke said...

gorgeous shot! I'd want to show it off too!

Shores Photography said...

thanks rachel! I just love how she is deciding whether to jump in the puddle or not.

John Sanderson said...

Woah.. cool. nice post. I'm good google myself now.