Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today marks 8 YEARS that John and I have been together! Wow. We met during the summer of 1999, I was only 16 and was working at Walgreens with Johns best friend, wes, and that was how we met :) There is a little more to the story, but it gets really really confusing. We actually didn't start dating until February 2000. We never had a set date of when we started "officially" dating, but we know roughly when we got together, so we picked the 21st. :) I have this Christmas Album that I put one picture from every year in, that I'm going to share with you :)

This picture is from our first christmas together while dating. December 2000

2001, I was sporting some weird pink streaks in my hair, lol, I think it was supposed to be red.

2002, the year that John, Wes, and I lived together.

2003 this photo was taken the very day we got engaged

2005 first christmas married :)



Melissa Powell Photography said...

it's weird to go through and look at pictures from "back in the day" sometimes. I often get that feeling of "what was I thinking" (about the hair/clothes, not the man ha!) Congrats!

Kara Pennington Photography said...

You two are so cute!! Happy 8th Anniversary together - woohoo!!! :)

Shores Photography said...

thanks guys! yeah, I can't believe some of the styles we went through, hahaha.Did you catch the red socks in the first picture, good lord, lol. this year is the worst I think, we both look so tired...I guess starting a business really takes it out of you :)

Laura Kay Photography said...

this was so fun to read! i am not sure i would post my pics i did not look near as cute as you guys way back when! haha! congrats guys!!!


ashley & jeremy parsons said...

so cute, kenz! look how young you guys looked at first - like babies!!!

Shores Photography said...

ahhhhh, to be 17 again....hmmmmmm....lol

Shores Photography said...

That's my kids. Adorable and loving! Your the best! Keep up the good work. Love, Mom Shores