Sunday, March 9, 2008

This weekend has been extremely busy and eye opening. I have played witness to two major events in life. On Friday, I photographed a birth for Jen and Robert (who were also the very first wedding I ever shot, back in 2005). It was such an emotional and heart warming day. I will post photos soon. Then on Saturday, we photographed a wedding for another amazing couple out in Umatilla; and now, we're on our way to watch my little sister, Harleigh, accept an award for a painting she did of me :) (she's only 10).

I just can not describe how awesome it is to be a part of all of this!

I'll post photos soon.


Courtney Craver Photography said...

I cannot wait to see the birth pics. I did that for my sister in law and it WAS and amazing experience to see a child being born, and not having to push it out myself! (well, mine were both c-sections, but you get my point!) I really really want to do more birth shoots... people can be weird about that though! Post them soon! :)

Shores Photography said...

wow! you had two c-sections?!? YOU are one tough cookie! I'm hurrying I promise :)