Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today, my dad turned 49! lol, He's going to kill me for posting that! lol. But I wanted to share it with the world, hahaha, because my sister and I tease him all the time about getting old and pushing 50, lol. It's probably not a good idea, I'm going to be tortured by my kids I'm sure. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

Here we are, laughing at my sister, lol

me, my dad, and my gorgeous sister Danielle!

This bag cracked me up, it says " viva la diva" hahahahaha.

just look at john, hahaha what a goofball!
of course, we're all singing happy birthday, but what are you doing john??? lol



Jess Cumbie said...

ok, I have to know... how did you chance the name of your blog to kenzieshores.net and not have to make a new blog... I wanna change mine to jesscumbie instead of blissfulphotos but I'm worried I'll lose my subscribers...

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

I bought a domain name through godaddy.com or if you have blogspot, it will let you do it there (under publishing) and then you can have it forwarded :) I hope this helps :)