beautiful mess.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I saw this on Scarlett's blog a few minutes ago and felt the need to share. I'm in tears right now from watching it, and so I'm a little lost for words. Please take a minute to watch, it really will humble you.


Rachel Brooke said...

Ok so I haven't watched it yet because I just applied mascara and am about to go out to dinner. The last time Scarlett posted a video I cried forever!!

But in advance, thanks for posting it. I'm sure it will be a wonderful tearjerker again! :)

Jax said...

I have been reading your blog for a long while. I am an admirer of photography, wedding photography in particular. I rarely comment on photos, however.

This post made me cry. I needed to see all those "cardboard testimonies". And it made me think about what mine would be (if I could narrow it down to one!) What a blessing it was to my soul to see that today - thank you for posting it. It's been a day full of God's love in many ways for me today, and that was the perfect cherry to top it off!

God bless you, and keep on blessing others with your God-given talent!


Rachel Brooke said...

Just as I predicted, I cried and cried. Thank you for posting this. It compelled my husband and I to send it to many people that we know who are hurting and lost. It is such a beautiful message!

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

I'm so glad it touched your heart as it did mine. I love watching stuff like this. It reminds me of...well, it keeps me humble and reminds me of His love for us! :)