Danny and Jorden: engagement session

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two months ago I got a surprising phone call from my cousin telling me she was engaged, the wedding was in 2 months and she wanted me to photograph it. WOW! I was so honored that she wanted ME :) lol. So this past Thursday I boarded the flying steel of death aka airplane, and flew to Indiana to capture this amazing day. As soon as we landed, we headed to downtown Indianapolis and shot their engagement session.

Big thanks to my amazing assistant photographer Danielle, you were awesome!!!

The e-session is one of three sessions we shot while in Indy, including a really awesome unbridled art session. I'm trying my hardest to get them all up before John and I fly out to Boston this Thursday to shoot Kristin and Tim's wedding.



Jona Lee Photography said...

These photos are AMAZING! You did a beautiful job!


Rachel Brooke said...

Stunning...I like the angles on the building shots!

Danielle said...

This was absolutely fun! Walking around downtown Indy was a fun experience. I know I definitely would like to go with you and assist more often. :) I can't wait to see the Wedding photos and the Unbridaled....Wooo hoooo!

Kenzie Shores said...

Jona- Thank you! Thank you!

Rachel- Thanks girl!

Danielle- it's on! I can't wait to post them! hehe

Ryel j Photography said...

The monster cans!!!! love them. These images are so stellar! Girl you're rock'n it!!

Pritchard's Photography said...

I love them Kenzie! They are great! Wonderful work :) Beautiful, Beautiful!

Kenzie Shores said...

Ryel-Gotta love the monster! lol Thank you!

Heather- Thanks you!!! you're wonderful! :)