Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been tagged by the fabulous Jane, and this one seems to be going around like wildfire, I almost didn't do it because I've seen it on so many blogs, buuuuttt, I couldn't resist :)

so here we go...

Four things I did today:
1. Talked on the phone with Jeff Clark at Pop Rock Candy Mountain, about some AWESOME new stuff in store for Kenzie Shores Photography...I told you I felt some awesome new things coming our way...I'll share soon! :)(as I burst at the seams!)
2. Had Lunch with the beautiful Kimberly Ramono
3. did a little editing on Daniel's Album cover shoot
4. went to church (wanted to praise God for all the little goodies coming our way) :)

Four things on my to-do list:
1. snuggle up on the couch with John and watch some recorded shows
2. that..
3. ...is all...
4. ...I have planned for the night :)

Four of my guiltiest pleasures:
1. Chocolate!
2. biting my nails, yes, I take pleasure in that, haha
3. coffee, coffee, coffee
4. I'm gonna say, people watching...

Four random facts about me:
1. I'm finally getting a hookah in time for my birthday
2. I should have been born sometime in the 70's or late 60's (if only for the music) we're talking classic rock here, not disco
3. I don't believe in wearing shoes...ever.
4. I DO NOT wear gloves...ewe.


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

kim hates shoes too and cannot stand gloves. makes her hands feel weird.

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

that's what I'm talking about...shoes make me hot, haha.

Leslie Roark Photography said...

So.. maybe this is the small town girl in me but what is hookah?!

Kenzie Shores said...

lol, that's alright leslie, I actually didn't find out what it was until sometime last year...but now...I'm hooked! :) .it is a Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking flavored tobacco. I'm not a cigarette smoker, but this...this I love :)

Ruby said...

kenzie, i'm cracking up! i have seen this post too on others blogs but i like yours the best so far, haha!

you hate shoes....i hate bras. lol
i like the 4 things you have planned for the evening, haha

and hookah? oh yeahhhhh! we could do some damage, bring it on!

Kenzie Shores said...

ok, Ruby, either I'm coming to Arizona or you've gotta come here! :) hahaha, we would have too much fun!