G-Ma Doris is 91!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

and has more energy than most! Last night we went to the Columbia Restaurant in downtown St. Pete to celebrate Grandma Doris' 91 years of life! We had a great time and at times we were laughing so hard, that people at tables around us would stop eating just to watch what we were up to, lol. I love my family! :)


Our waiter was part of the reason we were laughing so hard

so the ladies attacked him! Thanks Matthew for being such a good sport! lol


kristin said...

thats awesome, and she still looks great!! looks like you girls were having fun, and looks like he was a cutie! lol

Danielle said...

Yeah for Grandma Doris! She rocks!

PS. That shirt your wearing makes you look so adult and fits beautifully ...Where did you find such a shirt? I need to know who went shopping with you? Man, I can't wait till I'm skinny and we go shopping for me!!!

Sentimental Visions Photography said...

My gma is named Doris too!!! Happy Bday Gma!!!

Jahnada said...

Ok I have to say that the waiter was so funny!! He was crackin me up(and yes I did pick up the pieces)! The whole night was awsome. The food and the company. Hey Kenz whatch out for shellfish hahahaha. Happy Birthday Grandma!

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

Kristin- you know us, always a good time, lol

Danielle- you crack me up, I believe it was my new grown up stylist ;)

Christina- oh cool! thank you!

Jahnada- sounds like canada :) hahaha

Anonymous said...

grandma doris has always been a go getter