Jeffrey and Amanda are MARRIED!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A few weeks ago John and I had the pleasure of shooting our first traditional Jewish wedding down in Ft. Myers. It was Incredible! We had so much fun and got some really amazing shots from the day! Jeff and Amanda, you have such a loving circle of family and friends. Many blessings to the both of you!!! :) Below are our faves, and there were just sooo many pictures that I couldn't post them all, so the slideshow is a MUST watch ;)

Amanda and her Beautiful sisters :)

LOVE these!

The Groom's Tisch. Before Jeffrey sees Amanda on their wedding day, he sits at a table surrounded by family and friends. They sing and toast to the groom, interrupting him as he tries to impart words of Torah.

Kabbalat Panim- Receiving of faces

Amanda, who is likened to a queen on her wedding day, sits on a "throne" with her mother and groom's mother on either side. Here, they receive their guests.

The Bedeken is the veiling. As the Tisch comes to an end, the men will circle around Jeffrey, sheltering him from sight. Then they will dance him from the Tisch to where Amanda sits. It is here Amanda and Jeffrey will see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Then Jeffrey will Lower the veil over Amanda so she is officially ready to meet him under the Chuppah.

You could just feel the excitement from everyone as we were anxiously waiting for Jeffrey to walk up. I actually started to tear up myself. I couldn't help but get caught up in it all as everyone cheered, clapped and sang! :)

Signing the Marital Contract :) we go!

As Jeffrey waits under the Chuppah for his bride, he puts on a Kittel. The white color of the Kittel symbolizes purity and unity with the bride. It also represents the beginning of a new life together.

Amanda must circle Jeffrey 7 times which is an ancient custom that binds them together.


kristin said...

what a beautiful wedding!!! looks like a blast, loved the fun pictures!!

The Nifty Mom's Notebook said...

You can really see the excitement, joy and fun that everyone is having and sharing in the photos! Makes me want to have a Jewish inspired Wedding!