Brian and Betsy are MARRIED!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here it is! Brian and Betsy's awesome wedding in Cooper Spur!!! There were so many favorites that we couldn't post them all, so make sure you watch the slideshow at the end! :) :) Congratulations again Betsy and Brian!!!


Betsy and Brian said...

Completely speechless & crying our eyes out, Kenz & John. You've captured all the love in our hearts, the magic of the day, and the feeling of sheer joy that being surrounded by all our loved ones brought. How do you do it???!!! We love you guys!!! Wow.

Erica said...

Those are amazing shots! So beautiful and so you guys, B & B. I love your logo. Betsy, did you design it?


Ryel j said...

WOW!! Beautifully done! What a gorgeous wedding the group shots can be rough and you did a great job!