Portland, Mt. Hood, Cooper Spur :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just a few pictures from our trip to Portland last week :) We had such an amazing time. We scoped out the town, hit up a rose garden, did a little hiking and went to Timberline Ski Lodge (which we were told that parts of the hotel were used for the movie "The Shining", how awesome is that?!) Here are just a few pictures from our trip. Betsy and Brian's wedding pictures are coming up soon! :)

Our view of Mt. Hood from the plane :)

Brian took us on a hike :)

Multnomah Falls

On our way up to Timberline Lodge

I love that there was an ax in the lobby from the movie :) hehe

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Sonia said...

Ummmm, you do realize that BOTH of you are holding the ax TOWARDS you?