The Hall Girls. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For years Kathleen and Donna have reminded me of the Gilmore Girls with their close mother-daughter relationship. I have known these two since I was 14. Kat is one of my best friends and over the years Donna has not only become like a second mother to me, but also a very good friend. Kathleen is currently making her way into Hollywood and looking to work behind the scenes in the film industry. Personally, I think she should be in front of the camera ;)(isn't she gorgeous!?), and Donna does amazing voice over work in Cincinnati. They are both extremely talented women and I felt so honored when they asked me to do their shoot. Below are just a "few" of my favorites, it was so hard to choose on this one! :)

This shot reminds me of where Kat is right now in her life out in Hollywood. It's all about waiting for that big break :) (and lots of hard work of course) ;)

I just loved the light coming in through this doorway.

and then you turn around and there is this random sink in the of course we HAD to use it, lol. LOVE.

Donna has a fantastic smile! I know this shot is a smidge out of focus (it was a test shot) but I LOVE her smile in it, so I just had to keep it! :)

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Donna Marie Hall said...

MacKenzie you are fantastic and I love what you wrote about us and the Gilmore Girls ... lol that is soo true! One day soon I want you in the Magazine by Ormond or something it's soo you! Very Creative and wild yes just like you ... I would love to Post this on my face book if possible the Hall Girls and the pic how do I do this? Girl when I get there I am going to make sure everyone in the world knows about you and your stellar talent!