SNEAK PEEK! Amber and Alex

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's sneak peek comes solely from John's camera. I'm so proud of my husband and him finding his style. He amazes me daily :) and because I love him so much, I want to share the "eye" of just John today :) Yes we are a team, but what makes us so great at what we do is that just like any marriage, we bring to the table what we both have to offer and we make it better together:) Our 10 year anniversary is just around the corner. While it might just be our "dating anniversary", it's still 10 years together and we get stronger as a couple in our marriage and as a team in our business every day.


Anonymous said...

John the pictures are AY-MAY-ZING!!!! Thank you both so much for being apart of our day! Love the picture from the trees with the wall behind us!!! (we love them all actually)

- Alex and Amber

Foxy Lady said...

John rocks! But yeah, we already knew that one! Congrats on the 10 years coming up! We love you two skidz... and keep up the great friggin' PHENOMINAL photos! love the red heels with the dress in the background! Awesome! =)

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL sites of a WONDERFUL couple! This is an amazing job with the photos and ideas for shots. Looks great and what it is about it even better!