Eric & Courtney - Tampa Wedding Photography

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another beautiful wedding to kick off the weekend! Congratulations Eric and Courtney!

Ceremony: The Sacred Heart of Tampa
Reception: The Rusty Pelican

To view Eric and Courtney's engagement session click here.


SHEILA said...

Awesome doesn't even begin to describe these pictures. They are absolutely Beautiful. When you got engaged, I couldn't wait to see what would come from Courtneys creative mind, it was worth the wait. You guys did an Amazing job planning your wedding day, and I'm sure your life together will be just as Amazing. Love ya, Aunt Sheila

H.Andries said...

Kenzie & John, I'm sure it is nothing that hasn't been said before but it is worth saying again;

Amazingly,beautiful, and artistic! Courtney would not have been happy with any other photographer,clearly your pitures speak a thousand words. She is a wise and beautifully blessed person. She will put on her blue shoes every anniversary and look through her album with a great big smile as Eric sits laughing beside her & remembering all the fun they had on their wedding day. You are gifted!

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

Thank you!!!! John and I are so glad we could be a part of Courtney and Eric's day, they are such an awesome, and sweet, couple! ;) :):)

Denice said...

Stunning & beautiful. These pictures capture a true fairy tale romance that has come to life. Two beautiful people inside and out that fit together so perfectly. Courtney you are the "wedding planner". Your uncle said the picture of you on the rocks and by the church looks like an ad for perfume. Your wedding day is a day we will remember forever.
Love you both, Aunt Denice