Rudy & Yoelly : Tampa Wedding Photography

Friday, December 24, 2010

Last year we had the honor to shoot Yoelly's sister, Jahaira's wedding, and we fell in love with this family. So you can imagine our excitement when Yoelly got engaged earlier this year and asked us to shoot her wedding!

Everything about Rudy and Yoelly's wedding "blinged" (especially the bouquets and boutonnieres that Yoelly's mom handmade. Absolutely INCREDIBLE), and the candlelight ceremony was incredibly romantic. Just what I love :)

Congratulations Rudy and Yoelly and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ceremony and Reception took place at the Bayanihan Arts & Events Center

You can view their engagement session HERE. :)

There's just something about the motion and blurriness about this photo that I love

Recognize the couple behind them? haha.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography! Christmas blessings to you.

Foxy Lady said...

Gorgeous! I love all the 'wedding details' pics! Fantastic job as always! xoxo Foxy

Foxy Lady said...

I love that motiony blurry fun picture too!! AWESOME!