4 months.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

wow. really? 4 months? whew, that went fast. Every day is a blessing, and its so fun to watch her grow!

We've had such an eventful month and we're enjoying watching her hit all her little milestones. My favorite so far is her laugh and her smile. She smiles at everything and most of everyone :) Just like her mommy. (and daddy) ;)

Below is a video from the other day when I was playing a french translation on my phone. It was saying "Harper is a beautiful little girl." I'm not sure how accurate the translation actually was, but Harper found it hilarious. :)

Since we did a retro-re-do picture in January, Here is another one :)

This one is of John and 2 of his best friends, Wes and Kevin. The 3 of them have known each other since they were 8! Isn't that awesome! Its so cool to see them all grown up and with families of their own now :)

From Left to Right: Wes, Kevin, John

Wes (with Nathan), Kevin (with Enzo) and John (with Harper) (Johns shirt says "this is what a really cool dad looks like." a little something from Harper) :)

She loves her daddy!

For Valentines day, John got Harper and I fish :) Thats my husband, always thinking outside the box.

Harper and her "Sophie". I don't think we go anywhere without her, lol

Babies, Babies, everywhere! I LOVE IT. Our friend Kim is about to pop, and it seems everywhere I turn, someone else is pregnant. So, In Lieu of the Preggo Invasion, I have an announcement. No, I'm not pregnant...yet ;) , but I am now officially offering Maternity and Newborn sessions again! I have all sorts of fun "props" that I recently got in and I'm ready to put them to use! woohoo! email me if you're interested in a session. I have a few coming up and I can't wait to share them! The first one is of baby Taylor when we travel to Colorado :) Email kenzieshores@gmail.com for details!


the Foxy Pence Phenomenon said...

She is just a beautiful gift from God! You both are sooo blessed!! P.S. She's wearing the onesie I got her!!!! HEHEHEHE!!!

Anonymous said...

Her laughter brings heartwarming memories to my ears....... Enjoy every moment....Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

i <33333333!!!
Kristin :)