5 months.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I love what I do for a living, especially since it takes us to places we've never been before and allows us to create new friendships that will last a lifetime.

About a week before Harper turned 5 months old, we traveled to Colorado to do a newborn session of Jeff and Colleens new baby girl, Cora. Pics coming super soon! It was incredible out there. I was in complete awe at everything, including the fresh air :) Its funny, because we landed in Denver, and I was surprised at how flat everything was...John and I are HUGE fans of the movie "Dumb and Dumber", so this scene played in my head over and over as we were landing.

Ah, but when we did finally make it up to the Continental Divide, I was beside myself.

Jeff and Colleen made for some great tour guides and I'm really glad we had the chance to stay with them and really get to check out Colorado. Thank you Jeff and Colleen for flying us out to Denver to take pictures of your beautiful baby girl, for being so wonderful with showing us around town and for making us feel right at home with your family :) We almost didn't want to leave, lol.

Since I've been sharing clips the last few months of our home videos, below is one I put together of Colorado :)

Harper-doo at 5 months!

Our 2nd night in town, we drove over to Golden, CO for Dinner.

John took this picture of me (which is so me) I've got Harper strapped to me and I couldn't resist getting a shot of a truck, which is right below this one.

There is something so sexy about a man wearing a baby, lol. ;)

On Wednesday we headed up to Garden of the Gods. just wow.

I don't know who this guy was, but I thought it looked cool how tiny he seemed next to the rocks.

I found this image very peaceful.

after our little tour of Garden of the Gods, we stopped off for a little picnic.

Then on Thursday, Jeff drove us up to see the Continental Divide. wow, wow,wow.

The boys kept doing this goofy pose they called the "Burt Reynolds" lol

Clearly, I couldn't make this happen, haha!

Thats all for now, but next month..."Hot-Lanta!" (ummm for those who don't know, thats code for atlanta) ;)

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the Foxy Pence Phenomenon said...

Love love loooooove CO!!! Bolder is where we've stayed!!! Love your pictures! Harper is just too cute and I LOVE the video!