Next year is going to be AMAZING!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, as I mentioned earlier in our blog that all of our friends are getting married, engaged and having babies, I didn't realize that my favorite cousin (and best friend) charity was going to be having a baby next year too! She just recently married the love of her life back in September, in October they moved into a beautiful home and now they are expecting a baby!!! yay!!!! I'm so very very excited for both of them! I will keep you updated, Next year is going to be such an amazing year! Not only do we have tons of new sessions in the next few months to share with you, but our own lives are going to be filled with so much excitement! How is your year going to be? :)
Photo courtesy of our good friend, the beautiful Kara Pennington This is Charity and Eric (obviously at their wedding) with Charity's two children Natilie and Deigo (aren't they precious!)
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