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Friday, January 25, 2008

John and I have really been wanting to give back to the community. So recently we teamed up with a new organization called The Keep Hope Forever Foundation. It is an organization dedicated to families who have a child that is currently fighting or has fought or suffers from any of the following:

-Bell's Palsy
-Cystic Fibrosis
-Cerebral Palsy
-Severe Diabetes
-Down Syndrome
-Kidney disease
-Muscular Dystrophy
-Neurocutaneous Syndromes
-Osteogenesis Imperfecta
-Shaken baby syndrome
-Sickle Cell Anemia
-Spina Bifida
-Tay-Sachs Disease

As photographers, our job is to offer a free session to these families in order to capture the priceless memories of their children. We are very excited to be a part of such a great cause, and look forward to many shoots! Please check them out and if you are a fellow photographer, and God has put it on your heart to take part in this awesome project, please sign up for your local area. The most amazing part of it, is that the person that started this organization is 16 year old Felicia Reinhard from Arlington Heights IL. WOW! can you believe it?!? 16 and so not your typical teenager. You can view some of her photography here. The photo below is one of Felicia's and I really had to share it with you.

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