What ever happened to Customer Service???

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yesterday, My sister and I had to make a "quick" trip to walmart to pick up a prescription for John's grandma. I thought it was going to be a quick run in and run out kind of trip, and boy was I ever wrong.

I understand that it is walmart and everyone and their mom is always there, but this was ridiculous. There wasn't really that many people in the store itself, but the line for the pharmacy was insane. When we first walked up, there were about 7 or 8 people in front of us. I thought it would be at most, 10 minutes. Dani decided to go look around while I waited, well, 10 minutes later she came back and I was still standing in the same place. I noticed that there were 3 other people working behind the counter, but not one of them made a choice to call for help for this poor 80 year old woman checking everyone out as slow as she could.

As I recall, in my days of working retail, if you had more than 3 people in line, you would call for backup, but apparently this was not being practiced and no one bothered to look up from their stations to offer assistance.

Needless to say I was becoming more and more frustrated. I was bored, hungry, tired, late for meeting friends for dinner and grandma needed her meds. At that time about 5 more people got into line behind us and everyone in line started to complain to each other, but that wasn't doing anything, so I started looking around for another store employee and when I spotted one about 2 isles down, I shouted to her to get her attention, when she finally looked up, (still shouting because she didn't bother to come closer, and I couldn't necessarily step out of line) I asked if she could help us out by calling for backup, she simply looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said "you have to be certified" and then walked back down her isle. You have GOT to be KIDDING ME!?! What ever happened to customer service?!? When she appeared again I shouted to her again to get her attention, then asked, if you have to be certified to be a cashier, could you please call the manager or something, I'm sure as a manager he or she would have to be certified. This woman then rolled her eyes at me, and walked away again. A few minutes later we heard an announcement over the intercom for an assistant manager to come to the pharmacy. Well, you wouldn't believe it, but that manager NEVER even showed up! I just can't believe what has happened to people in the "customer service" fields anymore, when the manager doesn't even show up to help out in a situation. I wasn't looking to complain to anyone, or be an "irate" customer as Dani called me (lol) but I was looking for someone to help this woman check out all these people. Geesh. 35 minutes later we finally got to leave.

Sorry for the long rambling story, I like to think that I usually take this sort of thing with stride, but I couldn't believe how rude these people were and I just had to unload. Have any of you experienced rudeness in the "Customer Service" field recently?


Mark Brooke Photography said...

Does it ever make you wounder, how a place like Walmart can have the reputation that it does, and still be one of the hugest businesses in the country? It makes no sense!

Shores Photography said...

I absolutely agree. I try to avoid that place like the plague! lol

Jess Cumbie said...

Girl I'm soooo behind on my blog reading! For some reason your updates don't come in email :(

In all honesty that's just WalMart for you. Their employees are paid just enough to keep them coming into work but not enough to really have a life and live comfortably, they are faced with thousands of people ever day that are in the same situations. The store is NEVER really clean, and it's just unfortunate all the way around. I don't think they are trained that the customer is always right, or on how to be polite. They are trained to move people, or stock the shelves to keep product out there. The owners of WalMart only care about profit, Sam Walton's children took over when he passed away years ago and became obsessed with the money that wallyworld could make and that's all that matters these days. Ever notice how Sam's and WalMart are NOTHING alike... I'm pretty sure that his kids don't have anything to do with the Sam's stores...

I too try to avoid WalMart like the plague!!! yay Target!

Shores Photography said...

Jess, I totally agree! Thank you Jesus for Target!!! hahaha