Party Party Party!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our friends Wes and Sharron are getting married at the end of May and John and I are just sooooo excited!!! Last Saturday the bridesmaids and I threw Sharron's bridal shower, which was so much fun. The theme was a Tea Party, and my creative sister threw together some incredible details. I think she's finally considering doing this as a career! All I can say is it's about time! lol

Here's a shot of some of us after the bridal shower, we stopped off for some Olive Garden, yummy!

We're so silly :) The wind kept blowing my dress up! lol

Check out these awesome details! We spent some serious time on these cups :)

soon to be Mrs!


fun favors!

flowers were everywhere!

Sharrons rehearsal bouquet

I love the purse game!

This weekend we're shooting Krissy and Chad's Wedding! We're so excited!!!


Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Fun details! What is the purse game?

Kenzie Shores said...

oops, I meant to put a link on there :) basically, It's the game where you see who has the most junk in their purse,lol

Kara Pennington Photography said...

looks like a blast, kenz! so, is dani thinking of a career change? :) she should - she's amazing at it!

Laura kay Photography said...

that looks like such a fun party!!!

Kenzie Shores said...

It was tons of fun thanks to Dani! lol she is thinking of a career change, she has such a great gift from God, and I'm so glad to see her finally using it!!! Feel free to check out her new blog!