Erik and Danielle are MARRIED!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The rumors are true, last Friday (8.8.08) my sister Danielle got married to a wonderful man, Erik. There had been talk about a wedding, but it was a few years down the road. Then, on Thursday afternoon, my sister called to tell me that her and Erik would be getting married Friday night, and she needed my help in finding a dress. WOW! Backup a second! lol

I'm so excited for the two of them. In the last year, my family has really taken a serious liking to Erik, with his goofy personalty, him and Dani are a match made in heaven, lol. Their wedding was very intimate, the kind I always wanted, with just immediate family, before God, they said "I do". The ceremony was set on the boardwalk behind their condo and was meant to take place at sunset, but as weddings never start on time, this one was just after the sun went down. So, this was a first for me, shooting a wedding in absolute darkness :) Overall, it was very beautiful and we're all so very excited for the two of them!!! We LOVE you BOTH!!!

my 10 year old sister, Harleigh, took this picture of me curling my moms hair

This shot is my favorite, because it holds so much meaning. At mine and John's wedding, I started a new tradition in our family, which was to have a piece of my mother's wedding dress sewn to the inside of mine, so it was like I was wearing her dress (just like she always wanted). So Dani decided that she wanted both a piece of my mother's dress and mine to wear on her wedding day. I have to admit, it killed me cutting my dress, but it was so worth it :)

We looked everywhere for the perfect dress, and we found it just minutes before the mall closed. It's meant to represent the sunset.

loved her earrings

Erik is a Fireman, so this shot was appropriate :)

Our sister's Harleigh and Olivia

the mothers setting the foundation.

Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer!!!!!

This was really funny because after the ceremony, we took off to snap a few shots, and John followed us around with a CD player with the song "Sweet Caroline" blaring from the speakers, lol. Anything to keep this red sox couple happy :)

this picture pretty much sums up their relationship. You can't help but laugh out loud when you're around the two of them :)


*~ Jane ~* said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ps I LOVE her dress!!

Kara Pennington Photography said...

Oh my goodness!!! CONGRATS Dani & Erik!!!

kristin said...

There pics are so nice and i love the pieces placed in the wedding dress deal!!!!

Kenzie Shores said...

Thank you guys!!! Isn't she just stunning!?! I'm so jealous,lol :)