Sam and Michelle: Engagement Session

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet Sam and Michelle, an extraordinary couple with lots of personality. We spent last weekend in Punta Gorda to hang out with these two and get some awesome shots for their engagement session. Their wedding is this April and we're very excited. This wedding is very special to us, because John and Sam go all the way back to high school. I tease them all the time because their 10 year reunion was last year, haha. John is going to be in the wedding, so we asked Natasja Lherrison to help second shoot the wedding with me :) She's absolutely wonderful and is driving all the way over from Orlando. Without further ado, here are our favorites :)

Sam and Michelle first met during a massage ;) She was his client :)

nothing happened of course, but then a few short months later, they ran into eachother at this bar...and the rest is history :)

Michelle has an incredible voice

and now for the night shoot, I just had so many favorites, I couldn't decide which ones to show!

and a few shots John got of Natasja and I shooting :)

she's just too cute! lol

This one of John helping Sam, just cracks me up, lol


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

hula hoops!!! yes! lovin the cigars and guinness shot!

Kricia Morris Photography said...

Fantastic! I love the guinness shot too, awesome! GREAT backlighting from the cars headlights...beautiful as always!

Jahnada said...

These are awsome! I love the lighting and colors!! Yay Kenzie

Tony said...

I love the hula hoops, I am sure they made the shoot fun! Really nice photography.

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

Ohana- Thank you!

Kricia- thank you, actually it was all done by pocket wizards and off camera lighting :)

Jahnada-yay! :)

Tony- Thank you! gotta love the hula hoops! :)