27 is the Number.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! WOOHOO!!! For years and years people would ask me my age and I would answer 27. Then think about it and remember that I was only 18, or 22 or even last year at 26. So bizzarre. But for some reason I always thought that that was my age. Has this ever happened to anyone else? lol. Well, being that I am now 27 I started to wonder if there was anything that I was missing out on. Someone recently told me to make the best out of every day, which yes, we all hear that all the time, but for some reason it finally struck a chord with me and I decided to make a list of everything I wanted to do. At first I really didn't think I had that much in mind, Until I started to write. It started with a few things like, see a live taping of SNL, and then I just kept writing and writing and the more I wrote, the more stuff that came to mind. I now have well over a 100 things on my list, but here are my top 27 things to do! :)

1.Go to Germany for Octoberfest
2.Become fluent in French/and German
3.Go on a Safari in Africa
4.Knit a full blanket
5.Spend Christmas with the entire family in a cabin
6.See a bear in the wild
7.try a slot machine in Vegas
8.See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre
9.Try Fencing
10.See the Northern Lights
11.Be in Times Square on New Years
12.Have early morning coffee outside at a cafe in Paris
13.Take a gourmet cooking class (maybe, I'm a terrible cook) ;)
14.Take a train ride to anywhere
15.Walk the cemeteries in New Orleans (which I get to do next week!)
16.Have my picture taken next to my fave star on the hollywood walk of fame
17.help build a habitat for humanity home
18.sleep in a castle
19.Have a beer in a Pub in Ireland
20.Be an extra in a film
21.go on a zipline
22.Ride a Gondola in Venice
23.Learn to make wine
24.sleep under the stars without a tent
25.Adopt a child/and/or become a foster parent
26.Visit as many Haunted Hotels as possible
27.Try on a pair of wooden shoes in Holland ;)

and one more for good measure...Slow dance in the middle of the street :)

Here's a picture of me at my 7th birthday. :)


Rachel Rogers said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzie.....We were planning on coming to your party with Jake & Jahaida, but just found out Wyatt has 4 games Saturday with the first starting at 8 am....and from what u told me, I don't think we wopuld be up to a good start first thing sat. morning. Have a blast..

Anonymous said...

Your list is up to 100 huh??? Well John, better get a move on it buddy! You have a lot of wishes to fulfil my friend!

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday! What a great list of to dos -- you go girl!

Guinness said...

Hey I'm planning a trip to Germany for Octoberfest!!!! One of my BF lives right down the street from the fest!!! We should all plan a trip!!! :)