Last Friday.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last Friday was INCREDIBLE! As most people know by now, John and I LOVE Halloween. It's our favorite "holiday" and we do not take it lightly. You can see last year by clicking HERE. This year we teamed up with the amazing Jesse Adair ( We told him our basic idea for this years party and he ran with the idea for our invitations. Not only did we get incredible photos for our invites (which we sent out 4 "save the dates" to get everyone pumped) but he also created an awesome movie trailer for our final invitation. Below are the awesome images and the vimeo clip is a rough draft that we have online. The rough draft is pretty much the same as the final draft except the final draft has our home address on it and details about the party.

Freak Show from Jesse Adair on Vimeo.

The party was AMAZING and we're already starting to plan for next year :) This year we went with a crazy circus theme and we were sooooo excited to see so many people participate in dressing to the theme! We didn't want to tell too many people what the theme was because of course we had to keep it somewhat secret in order to freak every one else out, hehehe. Oh those poor unsuspecting party guests, wahahahahha (evil laugh) when they showed up and realized they were surrounded by a bunch of crazy killer clowns, it was awesome.

We were also very blessed to work with Jose and Jetsiry of JJ Video Film ( They have not only become great friends of ours, but they do some seriously amazing, amazing, amazing work. BRIDES! YOU WANT THESE TWO SHOOTING YOUR WEDDING VIDEO! They captured our party perfectly on this trailer! eeeeeekkkkk I'm soooo excited!!!!

The Shore's Halloween House Party. By JJvideoFilm from JJvideoFilm on Vimeo.

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out!!!! This years winner of the Best Costume Award went to this guy...yeah, he was pretty awesome ;)

and now, I"m off to spend the next 4 days with these ladies below in New Orleans for Pictage's Partnercon. I CANT WAIT!!! you can view more party pictures on my facebook page under Halloween 2009 :)

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