style. changes. and making adjustments.

Monday, November 30, 2009

style. changes. and making adjustments. Let me start with this. Do you ever wake up in the morning and sit there with your coffee and just...think? I always have a zillion things going on in my mind and usually all at the same time. When I was a kid, they called this a.d.d. ;) so be prepared that much of this post is me just rambling off all the things that have been going on in my head. Lately, before I turn on the news or listen to music, I've been waking up, getting my coffee and sit in front of our huge picture window in our living room and stare out at the overly sized tree in our front yard and I just let the thoughts flow. Which has led to some very interesting changes. Nothing too big of course, but I don't always deal with change very well, so I'm making a lot of adjustments ;) It all started when I got back from New Orleans. which was amazing. It really got me to thinking about all the new "adjustments" that I wanted to make with our company. really good ones. To start, while I was there, my camera suddenly wouldn't turn on. I have no idea what happened to it, it just suddenly stopped working. At first, of course, I panicked, but then after a little prayer (ok, a huge prayer) I started to calm down and realize that there is a much bigger picture here. My camera didn't stop working for no reason, it stopped working for a HUGE reason. It showed me that in a time of crisis, my friends are there to help, no questions asked. One of them allowing me to borrow his new 5D Mark2 for our two engagement sessions we had the very weekend I got back! Which led me to see that it was time to make an investment in that camera. John and I LOVED it annnnnndddd now we have some new ideas flowing for the biz! (I'll share more on this in the coming year, can't give away too much now) ;) But by using the 5D Mark2 I also realized that it was finally time to move over to a Mac...the imac that is. SOOOOOO EXCITED! With the new changes coming with the business, it forced us to look at style. Our style. Our branding. Which led to our personal style. Who are we? I felt like a freshman in high school again, who am I? what group do I belong in? After spending an entire day at IKEA with my sister on black Friday, I quickly realized that I can never pin point my "look" for myself or for our house (which after all of this, I'm in the process of redecorating and moving a few rooms around, i.e. my office) so how can I possibly choose a style for our branding? Apparently I'm very eclectic in my taste. I like anything and everything (must be the a.d.d.) . I belong to all groups and categories. This would explain why in high school I couldn't find one group to "belong" in, because I loved everyone and every ones style was fun and unique to me. I'm guessing that was better, because I got along with everyone, but it makes decorating my house, getting dressed in the morning, and personalizing our branding that much more difficult. Why am I telling you all of this? Because, while sitting in absolute silence, sipping my coffee and staring out at the humongous tree in our front yard, I thought to myself, the first thing I"m going to do is stop neglecting our blog. In the beginning I blogged almost daily and talked about everything under the sun. Of course as we got busier, the less I shared, not to mention faceboook and twitter steal all my good thoughts I have when it comes to sharing . So from here on out, I'm going to share with you all the ins and outs of the "secret lives of John and Kenzie". I can't promise that it will all be exciting (and a lot of it could be me just rambling on and on), but at least its us being us. :) and because all posts are great with pictures, and I'm an extremely visual person myself, here are a few pics for your day :)

Some of you might have seen these on facebook already, but John and I had our pictures taken by Tina Sargeant recently to go along with all the new changes that are coming :) Here are just a few, I'll share more once I get the CD. I LOVED our shoot! This first photo is of Veronica Lake, whose look and style I absolutely love (and have forever tried to mimic), and was the inspiration for my look for the shoot.

The infamous window and tree that jump started it all...

sorry if I lost anyone in the post, next time I'll use bullet points, lol ;)


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Wow, with that big tree in the way, no wonder my brother can't see in your window..

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