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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Orleans. What a beautiful city.

For whatever reason, last September I had the urge to write out a list of all the things I wanted to do in the next 10 years and I shared a few of them with you on my birthday. (you can view that list by clicking here). One of the things on my list was to walk through the cemeteries in New Orleans and try authentic New Orleans food. Sounds silly I'm sure, but I've heard so much about both things, that I just had to see and try it for myself. When I realized that Pictage was having their annual PartnerCon there in November, I knew it was fate and that it was time to get this list rolling. The entire experience was amazing and I can't wait to check off the rest of my "To Do's" ;) We're planning and hoping for many more trips around the world in the next few years, so lets keep our fingers crossed :)

Some of you might have seen these pictures back in November on my facebook, but I figured I can't check it off my list until I blog it ;)

So this is New Orleans, as I saw it.

I love old buildings and a lot of this city reminded me of when John and I went to Boston for the first time a few years ago to shoot Tim and Kristin's Wedding.

being the "foodie" that I am ;) I couldn't wait to try some food out!

I love how we all managed to match one way or another :)

us with Mark Eric of Modern Photographers

Briana and I LOVED this band. I wanted to stay there forever and just listen. Their music took me to another time in this world.

enjoying our white russians :)

New Orleans from Kenzie Shores on Vimeo.

I finally made it to the cemeteries and had a chance to check it out.

New Orleans Cemetery from Kenzie Shores on Vimeo.

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