Last Night.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Night was AHHHH-MAZING! :) Thank you to everyone who came out! And THANK YOU to Brian and Briana for asking John and I to be Guest Speakers at last nights photoclub. We were so grateful to have such an opportunity to open up our little world and share a piece of it with so many people. I didn't count how many were there, but the last time I checked it was up to FORTY people! wow. We only had a brief second to share a little bit of what we do and then everyone was let loose on the models :) Thank you to those who asked questions, it was so nice to be able to help out :) I love that so many other photographers are just as passionate and excited about night shooting :) :)

Here are just a few shots my sister got of us doing our thing, hehe, and a few shots I got of our gorgeous models :)

p.s. Last night really got us thinking, and there just might be a little "somethin, somethin" for those who are interested in learning a little more from us :) So let us know your thoughts :)

Possibly one of my all time favorite photos.

I LOVE how this one feels like an old movie :)


Wendy said...

It was so great meeting you guys last night and getting to shoot with you guys!!! Thanks so much for sharing some of your secrets with all of us ... looking forward to seeing you next time maybe??!! Great pictures too!!!

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

Thanks Wendy! We really enjoyed it and it was great meeting you too!

Brie said...

I'm sorry I didn't get to make it out to the Photoclub this month for the night shoot but really cool photos :-( I would definitely be interested in a little "somethin somethin" and/or learning all I can even though we have never met. I was referred to your site a few months back from R. Proffitt and I've been following you ever since.

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

Hey Brie! I'd love to meet with you and "talk shop" ;) feel free to email me :)